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Queensland Resources Council
Economic Contribution

Since opening this page, the Queensland resources sector has generated the following contribution to the state's economy


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The Queensland resources sector is committed to the world's best social outcomes as part of its social licence to operate.

Part of QRCís role is to work with companies and the government to establish and maintain the liveability of resource communities.

Social services and infrastructure such as health, education, emergency services, and housing are crucial to enhancing the sectorís capacity to attract and retain a skilled resources sector workforce and the social licence to operate.

QRC is committed to raising awareness of industry achievements, encouraging companies to strive to achieve leading practice in community development and engagement, and working with government, industry and other stakeholders to facilitate good outcomes for members and resource communities.

Listening to the Community - Summary report February 2016
Guidance for Long-Distance Commuting Workers.pdf
QRC Social and Community Development Policy