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Queensland Resources Council
Economic Contribution

Since opening this page, the Queensland resources sector has generated the following contribution to the state's economy


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Leading practice

Leading practice
Support funding from resource companies

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Many QRC member companies contribute to local communities, offering financial and in-kind support to community development projects in the rural and regional communities in which they operate.

The provision and allocation of such support is at the discretion of individual companies and often specific sites, and therefore the projects supported vary considerably across the industry.

Examples of this involvement are available on websites of individual companies, and often reported as community development or partnership initiatives.

Resource sector companies support a broad array of projects, such as:

offering a range of scholarships and training opportunities
providing additional resources for local schools
supporting training and development in a range of professional and community roles
supporting construction and provision of local medical facilities
assisting medical staff, particularly through accommodation
providing funding for medical research programs
supporting natural resource management, environmental and sustainable development initiatives
supporting traditional owners and indigenous groups
supporting cultural and arts activities
providing financial assistance to relevant charities
assisting a range of sport and leisure programs and community organisations
sponsoring local races and other events.
Queensland Economy - click here to find out what QRC member companies spend in your community
QRC full member companies - QRC member company community initiatives are listed on individual company websites within annual sustainable development reports

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QRC is a not-for-profit industry body, and does not provide funding or support for community projects or other organisations.

QRC does not influence the allocation of any community funding offered by individual companies and is not a position to promote individual bodies or organisations seeking funding/support from resources companies to our members.
QRC recommends any organisation seeking industry funding or support contact the individual company. These companies are listed on QRCís website.

However, depending on the nature of the request, QRC may be able to circulate information, including relevant contact details, for our member companies to consider and follow up with the organisation at their discretion.

QRC and industry provision of funding and corporate support - information sheet