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Queensland Resources Council
Economic Contribution

Since opening this page, the Queensland resources sector has generated the following contribution to the state's economy


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The Queensland resources sector is a significant state and national wealth creator and contributor to improved standards of living.

QRC understands that sustainable growth of the sector is a balancing act and that mechanisms must be in place to ensure a sustainable model of co-existence between mining and other land uses.

QRC plays a key role in promoting balanced growth of industry by seeking a regulatory focus on outcomes over process. The Queensland resources sector is committed to the world's best social and environmental outcomes as part of its social licence to operate. In return, the industry is seeking investment certainty through timely and transparent approval processes, access to land and continued efforts to streamline, not minimise, regulatory requirements.

Strong investment in exploration is paramount to ensuring a bright future for Queensland’s resources sector. QRC has created the Queensland Exploration Council to advocate for continued strength of investment in the resources sector.

Some key QRC projects are tenure reforms for all commodities, auditing and streamlining all reporting to governments, ensuring the new coal and CSG overlapping tenure framework is implemented and meets industry requirements and supporting explorers.

We are also seeking reforms to land access arrangements to better accommodate managing the impacts and fairly compensating landholders for resources sector activity impacts.

Inquiry into non-financial barriers to exploration - QEC submission March 2013
Submission to Inquiry into Major Project development Approval Processes - QRC submission March 2013
QRC submission to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines on the Common Resources Act Project - March 2013
The Land and Other Legislation Amendments Bill 2009 - ambulatory boundary provisions - click here to read the submission
Queensland Parliament Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee - QRC submission
QRC Uranium Policy - QRC submission

Overlapping tenure
Overlapping tenure remains an important issue for the Queensland resources sector, with tenure of more than 50 percent in the Bowen Basin, 30 percent...