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One-million-dollar injection lifts innovation to new heights

25 July 2016

Statement by QRC Chief Executive Michael Roche

The Queensland Resources Council welcomes the state government’s $1 million injection into a drone research project that has the potential to benefit resources, agriculture and a range of other sectors.

The Advance Queensland research funding is a welcome boost to adoption of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) by Shell’s QGC project and importantly, a shot in the arm for the sector-at-large.

We have been hearing rhetoric from state and federal governments that to ‘advance’ the economy we ought to look beyond our deeply engrained resources sector.

The fact is, however, the resources sector is one where innovation has long been the norm.

QGC’s existing RPAS partnership with Boeing – on which the project announced today builds – will progressively help improve safety and benefit landowners by reducing the number of on-the-ground inspections.

I am pleased to see support from the state government on these cutting-edge practices as well as process and supply chain innovations stemming from the resources sector.

Beyond the physical exports of our vast resources that contribute one in every five dollars of the state’s economy, the sector has a great wealth of knowledge and innovation to sell to the world.

Collaboration across sectors and support from government is a vital first step for an evolving Queensland economy.

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