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Queensland Resources Council
Economic Contribution

Since opening this page, the Queensland resources sector has generated the following contribution to the state's economy


Associate members

Associate members are government agencies or self-employed people who are directly or indirectly connected with the resources sector.

  • John Abraham
  • Mr Gavin Becker
  • Rodney Bedggood
  • Mr Darryl Brumpton
  • Matthew Cooper
  • Mr Nicholas Currey
  • Jodie Currie
  • Mr Gil Fletcher
  • Mr Nathanial Gaughan
  • Mr Barry Golding
  • Mr John Gooding
  • Mr Lance Grimstone
  • Dr Sue Henderson
  • Mr Peter Hollingsworth
  • Mr Ray Ison
  • Mr Robert Janssen
  • Mr Brad John
  • Peter Jones
  • Mr Bevan Kathage
  • Mr Tom Kaveney
  • Mr Peter Matheson
  • Mr Ralph McIver
  • Mr Brendan Monckton
  • Mrs Emma Montgomery
  • Mr Tim Moore
  • Ms Fiona Murcott
  • Mr Brice Mutton, Brice Mutton & Associates Pty Ltd
  • Ms Fiona Nicholls
  • Dr Geoff Oldroyd
  • Mr Jim Oliver
  • Mr Michael Owens
  • Mr Ray Parkin
  • Dr Chris Rawlings
  • Mr Joe Reichman
  • Mr Peter Slaughter
  • Paul Smith
  • Ms Jayne Steele
  • Mr Russell Williams